Original story

Strong an original story , powerful characters for an Epic battle

Incredible Atmosphere

You will be immersed in the dark atmosphere until the end of the story

Strong Characters

Get your Powerful Guardian to defend Andromeda againts dark forces


The story

The Andromeda Galaxy was peaceful, bathing in the tranquility that had accompanied it for decades. The great warriors of Andromeda, living on a planet orbiting Proxima Centaury, had succeeded in fending off threats and intruders to make life prosperous for all in the galaxy. But many sacrifices had entered into this state of peace. But a threat appeared in the O’Xhus system, on the outskirts of the Black Hole, putting an end to years of peace… We are so happy to share this adventure with you by creating this collection of NFT. We have put together an original, exciting and bouncing adventure that will hopefully keep you going.  Each Guardian NFT is unique, with varying degrees of rarity. And unlike other NFTs with only superficial rarity, the rarity of your slot will determine your share of the exclusive holder rewards. The rarer your armor, the more rewards it will generate. They are not fungible, as these tokens are not interchangeable with each other. Each Guardian is 100% unique.



Three Friends who combined their knowledge of code, digital art skills, and creativity to create the Guardians of Andromeda for the upcoming battle. We’ve accumulated a lot of experience and will now fight to the end to keep the Universe of thsis project evolving by leaps and bounds.

Willy . Project Lead   /Michael . Designer  /Tessa . Marketing 



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